We’ve Opened a Shop!

Last month we dipped our toes in to retail when we opened up a little skateboard shop inside of Cambs Lock in Huntingdon. This was a perfect opportunity for us to put skateboards on sale in a brick and mortar building without needing to break the bank on ever increasing high street costs. Open 7 days a week all you need to do is pick up what you want and take it to the counter for the team at Cambs Lock to serve you. You may even wish to visit the on-site cafe or check out the other stands whilst your there!

Whilst we continue to primarily focus on teaching people how to skateboard we felt it just made sense to help our customers out by having a shop they can go to purchase their own skateboard from. We’d like to thank everyone that has come in and made a purchase thus far as it’s helped make it a successful month for us. Here’s to the future where we hope to expand and look to stock even more products!

The address for Cambs Lock (where we are situated) is

1 St Mary’s Street, Huntingdon, PE29 3PE
Cambs Lock Antiques & Collectables
01480 431142

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