Weekend Group Changes

We’ve made some changes to our weekend group sessions that are coming in to affect from next weekend so listen up!

Our Returners will be running from 9am to 10am every Sunday. We are sticking to an early time slot to make use of the quietest time as we are aware a busier skate park (with other public riders) can be intimidating for children in this session. We’ve decided to reduce the session time down to 1 hour too instead of the 1.5 hours it was previously. This should ensure that the children maintain their attention span for the duration instead of struggling towards the end like we noticed before. As a result of the shorter session time we’ve also reduced the cost of this group by 20%, down from £15 to £12. A class pass of 5 sessions can be purchased for £50 for further discounts!

Skate Club is sticking to 1.5 hours and keeping the same costings but will be moving to a later time slot of 10:30am to 12pm every Sunday. 5 sessions can be purchased upfront for £60 just like before (or £15 per session).

By making these changes we hope to improve transparency of knowing when a session suitable for your child will be running. No more voting for which group should be running as both now have a dedicated time slot every Sunday. We hope this encourages more bookings as we can prepare our schedules further ahead in advance and you’ll be able to plan accordingly.

We will continue to stick to our usual locations of Alconbury Weald & Brampton, rotating between them. There’s always the potential to experiment at other venues too as this would give your children variety which can be very worthwhile for them. If this ever interests you then let us know as we could plan a specific location in advance. We do however reserve the right to postpone any group sessions if we don’t reach our minimum of 5 children booked on (which has been the issue when wanting to experiment with other skate parks before).

Also if you’re one of the few parents that has purchased a Class Pass for your child to join Returners then please get in contact with Jason so he can transfer you on to the new Returners specific pass. You can still use your current pass but you’ll receive an additional free pass if you move on to the new one due to the time length and price being reduced.

Lastly we are aware that the bad weather will soon creep up on us before we know it. It’s difficult to navigate through winter but we do plan to continue offering our services to the best of our ability. We will all just get messed around a bit!

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