Parents That Skate

Your child wants to learn to skateboard so you’re looking in to getting them a lesson to see how they find it. What would make that lesson even more enjoyable and memorable for them would be if you joined in too. We believe at Let’s Go Skate that skateboarding should be shared with friends and family so in a bid to encourage parents to join in and learn too we’ve created our Parents That Skate scheme.

What is Parents That Skate?

It’s our new initiative to encourage more parents to join in a skateboard lesson by keeping the cost down for you. We’re committed to giving every parent the chance to learn with their child which is why we charge just £5 for you to join in. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have your own equipment, we’ll sort all of that out so you just focus on having fun with your child.

But I’ve never stepped on a skateboard before

Neither have the majority of the parents that take part but they always leave having learnt a new skill with a smile on their face. The core ability of pushing and riding along on the board can be achieved easily with the help of our instructors so you’ll be surprised how quickly you get to grips with it.

Amber learning on a Longboard with no prior experience. Check out how she got on in her lesson here

I’m too old to learn now

We’re going to be frank here and say that’s nonsense! There’s been a surge in adults wanting to learn to skateboard in recent years. Many benefits such as feeling a social connection with others and boosting your mental health being just a couple of reasons why. Check out the ladies in London which the BBC did a video on a couple years back to see proof!

Emma learnt to skate with her family for her 40th Birthday Party!

I’m not their parent but can I join in?

Yes please do! Although the scheme is aimed at the parents of children we are more than happy to have any family relative join in as long as they know the child. This means you may be the cool Uncle that has always fancied learning and now you can for just £5. If you’re over 18 we’ll be happy to get you rolling with us.

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