Private Lesson


Decided you’d like to learn how to ride a skateboard or have a child that’s eager to jump on and go? The most effective way to learn is to book a private skateboard lesson with us and we’ll cover all the basics needed to get rolling along. You’ll have the instructors undivided attention through out the duration of the lesson which will lead to progress quicker than any other services we provide. You also benefit from arranging a date, time and venue with us to fit the lesson in with your schedule.

What a Private 1-2-1 Skateboard Lesson gives you

  • An instructors undivided attention for the duration of the lesson
  • Option to arrange the lesson to a date that suits you
  • Pick the venue from the variety of parks we teach at
  • Personalised voucher to print and give as a gift
  • Full access to any equipment (skateboard, helmet & pads) if required

Any other benefits?

Those that are anxious of embarrassing themselves may wish to go through a private lesson with us first before joining in with a Group Session just to help improve their confidence a bit. We also have cases where a child may not cope well under the pressure of learning with others. They often appreciate learning at their own individual pace and sticking with a certain goal instead of being rushed on to the next objective as seen in a group.

How much does it cost?

We usually take hour long bookings which comes at a cost of £40 for the hour. Within that time the participant will have learnt the basic skills needed to push and ride along on the board alongside some extras such as a taste of riding on the ramps and learning a board flip. For those keen to really progress we recommend taking advantage of our 3 Lesson Package for £99 which reduces the cost of each lesson by £7. Having 3 lessons with us will have anyone pushing past the Beginner stage and becoming an Intermediate rider!

What if I have multiple children?

If you’d like to book siblings or friends in together then we just add £10 on for each child. This means that for a 2-2-1 it would be £50 for the hour or if there’s 3 children together then it would be £60.

So what are you waiting for?

Whether it’s your own child showing an interest or your grandchild that’s nagging to learn you might as well turn the idea in to a reality. We accommodate for adults too so don’t be put off if you think you’re too old, skateboarding is for everyone! Click the Book Online button below to see our availability or feel free to Contact Us for more information.