Here at Let’s Go Skate we found that our customers kept asking us where they could buy a skateboard from. Jason therefore started selling beginner skateboards on the side for many of years to help our customers out.  In 2022 he decided the interest in buying skateboards was so high that it would make sense to set up a separate business for it. We therefore now recommend heading over to the Scenic Skate Shop website to browse all of the skateboards on sale. They even have a physical brick and mortar location in Huntingdon if you’d prefer to pop in and get some advice.

Jason (who started Let’s Go Skate) set up Scenic Skate Shop in 2022 so the community had a local skate shop to buy skateboards from

We Recommend Enuff Skateboards

We have taught thousands of people over many years how to skateboard using completes by the brand Enuff. Below are a few of the designs that Scenic stock at their store. Prices start from £44.99 for the small young children ones and go up to around £49.99 to £59.99 for full size skateboards. All the below skateboards (and more designs) can be found on the Scenic website HERE


LGS Merchandise

As we grow we will create more and more Let’s Go Skate merchandise. Buying products with our logo on is a great way to support us and help with brand awareness. Our standard LGS tee is available at a cheap cost of just £9.99 over at the Scenic Skate Shop website.

Scenic Skate Shop

Remember Jason who runs Let’s Go Skate also runs Scenic Skate Shop. Please do head over to the Scenic Skate Shop website to receive any help needed in regards to purchasing a skateboard.

Jason helping Olly (a Let’s Go Skate student) set up his new skateboard inside Scenic Skate Shop