Here at Let’s Go Skate we stock some of the essential products needed for a beginner entering in to the world of skateboarding. If you’d like to purchase from us then please do contact us and inquire about an order.

Skateboard (for Children)

The below skateboards are by the brand Enuff and are a great first skateboard to get for a child who wants their own. They are all £40 each and come in a variety of different colours.

Pads (for Children)

Get your children protected with this triple pad set from SFR. Their elbows, knees and wrists will be covered to avoid cuts, bumps and bruises on those areas prone to injury. Just £15 for a set.

Skateboard (for Adult)

We also stock a few skateboards that are suitable for adults. Again from the Enuff range the below boards are £45 and are slightly bigger in size than the above children boards.

LGS Merchandise

As we grow we will create more and more Let’s Go Skate merchandise. Buying products with our logo on is a great way to support us and help with brand awareness. Our standard LGS tee is available at a cheap cost of just £10 with no delivery fees, shipped across the UK. Get a t-shirt now to help us help society learn to appreciate skateboarding for all the merits it has.

Other Skate Shops

We appreciate if you buy product from us (use our Contact page if interested) however there are plenty of other options on the web with different brands and styles of items which you might be interested in. Check out our Skate Shops page to see a few places we can vouch for and would recommend.