If you are planning an event and are considering bringing skateboarding to it then we can help. We have often been asked to come and provide a basic beginners skateboard workshop to give people an opportunity to give skateboarding a go.

Fun games at the end including skateboard limbo
  • All equipment is provided by us (skateboard, helmet, pads)
  • Instructors there to deliver the workshops
  • Adults can join in too
  • Flat surface is all that’s needed
  • Skateboard limbo at the end (a hit with the kids!)
Family activity days can be a great way to enhance relationships

This is an enjoyable taster that children from 6+ and up can join in for 30 mins to an hour. All we need is a flat surface for us to bring a dozen of skateboards, pads and helmets so our instructors will be able to deliver the workshop.

Yearly event in Ely for residents to have a go at skateboarding

It’s also possible for us to provide regular workshops at your local skate park. Weekly sessions for young people will give them a chance to further enhance their skateboard skills whilst developing friendships with others too.

Teens in Yaxley received 8 weeks of regular sessions

There’s lots of different ways we can provide skateboarding for your audience. From festivals to skate parks we can travel and accommodate you. Email us now to let us know what you’re planning and we’ll make it happen!