Below you will find an FAQ that should help you get the answers to any questions you may have gotten from browsing the website. If you’d like to ask a question to us directly then feel free to fill out a Contact Form or our preferred method of communication is to send us a message from the Facebook page.


We currently have no booking system and therefore take all bookings manually. Please use the Contact Us form to enquire about making a booking and we will respond as soon as possible.

Our method of receiving payment is by using BACS. Once the details of a booking have been communicated we will send the details for a bank transfer over to you. Only when payment is received will a booking be confirmed.

We are more than happy for you to make a request to book a lesson for a certain date. One reason why you may wish to do this is so that the lesson takes place on a child’s birthday. While we wont be able to guarantee availability for this the more notice we are given the greater the chance we can make this happen for you.

Our policy is to take payment upfront for a lesson as this is how we confirm a booking. For this reason taking cash as a payment is problematic. We may refuse to finalise a booking if cash is the desired payment method from the customer.

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Prices – Private Lessons

It’s £30 for the hour. We can provide all of the equipment (skateboard, helmet and pads) if required. Click for more info.

Yes they can! Each additional child costs 50% extra. So a 2-2-1 is £45 or if you have 3 children it would be £60. Bring a friend along if there’s no sibling!

Yes there is. If you’re looking at booking for a group that’s 5+ then feel free to Contact Us with details of your request for a quote. It’s also worth looking at our Birthday Party packages too.

Yes it would be great if you would! We have a Parents That Skate scheme which actively encourages you to take part with them. It’s only £5 and we will provide all the equipment for you if needed.

We offer a discount when x3 lessons are purchased at once. The cost of x3 Private Lessons is £75, a saving of £15 over buying lessons 1 at a time. Other bundles for groups are available too.

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During a Lesson

We have no problem with you watching a lesson take place. Some younger children prefer having their parents close by for support whilst others like some space and would prefer you watch from a distance. Whatever you decide just have a think on how it will impact your child.

Yes this is also fine with parents often take their dog for a walk and returning at the end! Our instructors all have an Enhanced DBS check done so are allowed to be left alone with the child. It’s recommended that a clear communication option is available though in case an emergency situation happened and we needed to contact you.

Yes that’s fine and in fact we encourage it! Great way to remember the experience and a chance to see our instructors in action. It’s worth bearing in mind though that if your child is attending a group session that other parents may wish to keep their child out of photos so please be careful in these instances.

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