Group Session


Our Group Sessions allow children to learn to skateboard alongside others at a much cheaper cost than a Private Lesson. They usually run from 9:00am for 1.5 hours and cost just £15! We have 3 different stages of levels for this groups, designed to ensure that children are in a group with others at a similar skill.

Level 1 – Beginners Introduction to Skateboarding

Ages 6-13
This is our entry level course that gives children the opportunity to learn the core skills needed to ride on a skateboard. Even if they’ve never stepped on a skateboard before they should learn a thing or two whilst having great fun over the 90 minutes. They’ll learn which foot they should push with, how skateboarders pick up their skateboard and how to get back on a board when holding it. The course will then progress to going up and down some ramps for the kids that are ready for it and finish with a fun trick, the board flip!

Beginners in St Neots                     Beginners in St Neots

Once a child is pushing and riding along fluently with enough balance to also allow them to ride down some basic ramps they’ll be ready for our next group, Returners.

Level 2 – Returners

Ages 6-13
This is our middle group which has been designed to help children develop a few more skills to get them eventually competent at traversing around a skate park without assistance. Ideal for children that can already ride along and go down some ramps but need to improve on techniques such as Kickturns, Dropping In & Carving.

             Returners in Alconbury Weald

Once a child is confidently using the above techniques and flowing well around the skate park they will be ready for our final group, Skate Club.

Level 3 – Skate Club

Ages 6-16
Skate Club is for our intermediate & advanced students that are looking to further enhance their skills in an environment that encourages progression in a fun way. Great opportunity for children to make friendships too.

                  Skate Club in Brampton

To get a glimpse in to what Skate Club is like you can watch our YouTube videos taken during them!

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