Share a Lesson

We are always trying to find ways to better the experience for our customers. We believe we’ve come up with a way to deliver the same continuous results whilst saving you (our customer) up to a maximum of a £15 discount on the cost of a future lesson! You will still see vast improvement in your child’s skateboarding abilities whilst keeping your wallet a little heavier. Let’s explain how.

Often when we are teaching a private lesson there is a fair bit of downtime. This happens when (for one example) a child has just finished attempting a trick we’ve requested and they are walking back to the start position to get ready to try again. This is when an instructor has to wait before being able to watch again. However what if there was another child having their go whilst the first child is getting set up? Our instructor would then be able to instruct both children to the same high standards simply by removing that otherwise dead time from the lesson.

As of June 2022 when you are booking a private lesson with us you will see the following come up on the form.

By ticking the checkbox you are giving us permission to try and find an additional suitable child to bring in to the lesson to share with yours. This would turn a 1-2-1 in to a 2-2-1. As explained previously we believe our instructors will be able to manage two children just as well as one plus your child will get a chance to socialise and make a new friend!

If we are successful in finding a child to join your private lesson then we will provide a £15 Voucher for you to use in a future lesson with us. We are able to do this thanks to splitting the revenue we receive from the other parent who would be paying just £25 to include their child with yours. There’s then £10 left over for our instructor to receive for taking on the additional work load. It’s a win win win all round!

So what are you waiting for, go book yourself a private lesson!