With the popularity of skateboarding rising like never before it’s never been a better time for schools to embrace the benefits skateboarding can give to children. It’s inclusion in this summers Tokyo 2020 Olympics opens up opportunities like never before. We’ve been working hard to get everything in place to work alongside schools to ensure pupils are given the opportunity to get rolling along.

Why schools should offer skateboarding

Many children go through their years of school never truly engaging with the sports that they have available to them. You see if a child isn’t interested in the likes of Football or Hockey then they’re unlikely to want to partake in any other traditional sports that schools regularly offer. This is where skateboarding can fill the void. With the focus being on individual creativity and developing a lifestyle it helps cater to children that would otherwise not be physically active.

Jason taking a selfie with the pupils in his after school club

What can Let’s Go Skate provide?

Over the years we have worked with schools broadening our horizons and offering our services in various different ways. We’ve ran after school clubs for children to have continuous learning but also provided one off  workshops for those that just want a crash course on pushing and riding along. During school hours we can help alongside teachers including skateboarding in to the P.E schedule or even reward students for achieving great test results or having a high attendance.

list of reasons for using let's go skate in school
Reasons to get us at your school


In our bid to reach as many children as possible through skateboarding we can come to your school and give an entertaining assembly. We discuss how traits such as determination and resilience develop through the learning of tricks and give video references to pro skater Danny Way breaking the Worlds Highest Air on the Mega Ramp.

school assembly in action
Assembly prepared to go at Over Primary School

Our 2020 talk includes hype for the Summer Tokyo 2020 Olympics in specifically Great Britain’s young female hopeful Sky Brown who will be taking part in Woman’s Skateboard Park. The youngest ever GB Olympian aged just 12 being an excellent role model for the pupils to learn about.

Our Instructor Jason giving an assembly at Hartford Junior school