Jason’s 2023 Interview with Enuff Skateboards

It was about 8 years ago I started teaching skateboarding, being sent in to London by the company I worked for to give lessons. The skateboards that we provided for the children came from Enuff, a company I hadn’t heard of but soon grew an appreciation to. I liked how they produced budget priced skateboards that worked well with fun graphics that appealed to children. This was the first time I noticed a brand in skateboarding that was prioritising a younger audience foremost and not as a side thought.

As the years have gone by I have continued to use Enuff with thousands and thousands of children benefiting from their skateboards. Although there are now other brands out there that have created decent budget priced skateboards I have always found myself staying loyal to the Enuff brand. I’ve often been questioned about being sponsored by the company for the sheer amount of free advertisements I have given them. The reality is I have always just wanted to get as many kids in to skateboarding without parents needing to splash out too much to begin with. Enuff skateboards do a great job at getting a child rolling and discovering if they want to follow the path of being a skateboarder.

Over the last year or so my constant promotion of Enuff started to get noticed by them as they started to share the posts I tagged them in. Then one day I receive a message with an idea for them to come do an interview with me about the grass roots of skateboarding and how Enuff and Let’s Go Skate combined help plays a part in that. It just so happened that I was preparing to start a couple of 8 week courses with children at Yaxley and Brampton skate park, both being run on the same evening. It made perfect sense to invite the videographer to come and experience one of those sessions with me, so I did.

I’m really pleased with how the video turned out as I think it encapsulates well what I try to achieve with my group sessions. Whilst developing new skills on a skateboard is important it’s the foundation it’s laid upon that’s the most important. Encouraging young people to believe in themselves by giving it a go, working on reducing social anxiety to build friendships and so much more. Getting a bunch of people at a skate park all pushing each other to exceed creates an exhilarating atmosphere which even parents and passer-by’s can vibe from.

I’m hoping this video like can help me continue to utilise why I registered Let’s Go Skate as a non profit in the first place as I continue to look for funding to provide as many young people as possible the opportunity of giving skateboarding a go without worrying about the cost. All the children in the video above even received a free skateboard to continue their progression with. Many thanks to Living Sport and Sport England for helping make this possible.

I’ll finish this post off by saying that I’ve promoted the brand Enuff skateboards for all these years without ever expecting anything in return. I simply believed in the product they had created and wanted to ensure children were starting their skateboard journey with a solid board under their feet. I guess if you believe in a brand it’s well worth promoting them where you see fit, you never know what the future holds. – Jason

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