2024 is Here!

It’s the start of a new year and with it has come an influx of new customers getting in touch to ask for skateboard lessons. We don’t write many blogs on here anymore but thought it would be useful to provide an update for anyone looking in to Let’s Go Skate for the first time. Below is a few bits of info we feel is worth sharing

– As it’s Winter right now we are running at a limited capacity. This means our group sessions aren’t currently running but will be back in Spring. We are only providing Private Lessons right now.

– We use Bookwhen to take our bookings. It’s an amazing booking system where you can see our instructors availability and then book in a lesson. You can find the system by clicking this link.

– Brampton is our go to venue for teaching lessons right now due to the Parish Council being supportive, a car park right next to it plus it’s got great ramps for beginners and lights for dark evenings. We may use other skate parks later on when more are built (Ramsey we are looking at you!)

– We also run a skate shop in Huntingdon called Scenic Skate Shop where you can purchase a skateboard, helmet or pads for your child to use. This is optional though as we do provide free use of rental equipment if needed

– Lastly if the best way to get hold of us is to send a direct message on our Facebook or Instagram account. You can also email Jason if you’d like a more formal approach (like contacting on behalf of a council or school). You can find links to contact us over on the Contact page.

Here’s to an amazing 2024!

– Jason

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