Jason on BBC Look East West (11/01/22)

Did you spot Jason on the television a recently? He was approached by the BBC to compliment a trending article (Skateboarding in middle age) that was highlighting how skateboarding is great for the mental health of people in middle age. Although Jason primarily teaches children how to skateboard he has seen a growing trend of adults wanting to give a childhood interest a real go so he was more than willing to offer his time to discuss this for the telly.

With the help of one of his adult students (Elio) they met up with the BBC at Brampton Skate Park to show off a bit of skating and share the story of how Elio has recently gotten in to skateboarding. You can watch the online version of this piece on the BBC Website but if you’d like to watch the original broadcast then we have it available to see on our YouTube below!

– Jason


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