In March 2021 Brampton got a concrete build made by Bendcrete Skate Parks to replace the old metal design. It’s a much welcomed change as it’s now smooth to ride and has included more features. For beginners there’s plenty of flatbanks going up in size to work your way up on plus a small step up to practice your tricks up and a 3 foot really wide quarter pipe. If you’re more experienced then you can try out the 5 and 6 foot quarter pipes either side of the jump box and then there’s a couple of ledges and a downward rail for street enthusiasts. Be careful of the vert wall though, that ramp is no joke! Oh and we can’t forget the red slappy curb, perfect for learning grinds and slides.

  • Plenty of various size flatbanks
  • 3 foot high long bowl corner
  • 5 and 6 foot quarter pipes
  • Across and a down ledge
  • Down rail
  • Slappy curb
  • Steep vert wall
  • Small step up
  • Roller

Post Code: – PE28 4TD




Brampton 360Brampton’s skate park doesn’t feature much to make it worth a visit too although the mini ramp there may provide some fun. At 5 foot high it’s a bit larger than what you’ll find at most surrounding parks making it unique. There’s a couple of flatbanks and quarter pipes at either end with a driveway found in the centre. A double barreled low rail can be found on the side of the park plus there’s a large empty area to skate flatground.

  • 5 foot mini ramp
  • Quarter pipes
  • Flatbanks
  • Rail
  • Driveway
  • Jumpbox
  • Hubba
  • Kicker

Post Code: – PE28 4TD