Skateboard Workshop is happening on March 8th 2020

We’re delighted to be expanding our services and offering a skateboard workshop. Children will have the chance to learn the handy skills needed to take apart a skateboard and then put it back together again. They’ll learn the differences between having tight/loose trucks, ensuring the bearings are properly fitted within a wheel. Also other useful bits of info like how speed cream can be applied to keep the wheels spinning faster. In addition we will have a fun quiz towards the end to see how much new knowledge has sunk in!

Skateboard Workshop
Check out the hall in the pavilion we’ll be running the workshop in

How To Get Involved

We hope you’ll give us a chance and sign your child up as we’re sure they’ll have a great time. We will be over at the pavilion on Judith’s Field in Godmanchester on Sunday the 8th of March from 10:30am to 12:30pm with parents able to stay for the duration too. We’ll be offering free tea/coffee for any that do stay and have a chat! To conclude get in touch with us now on the Contact Us page to book in.

– Jason

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