Happy 2020

After a great 2019 all of us here at Let’s Go Skate are excited for what the future holds going forward in to 2020 and what this next decade shall bring. After teaching hundreds of people over the past year we have settled ourselves down in to a quiet spell whilst we await Winter to end and for Spring to blossom. We’ve been hard at work however behind the scenes making the preparations needed to ensure we do more skateboarding lessons in 2020 than ever before! Here’s a few goals for us to work on going forward.

  • Continue building relationships with councils to widen our reach for teaching lessons
  • Encourage more schools to give us the opportunity to come in and teach (exciting assembly before a workshop)
  • Offer our assistance in the development of skate parks in our surrounding areas
  • Support communities with events (competitions would be great!)
  • Add variety to the services we currently deliver (lessons on how to construct a skateboard?)
  • Ensure we maintain our excellent delivery of teaching skateboarding to all interested and willing

As we strive to meet our goals we are aware that none of this would be possible if it wasn’t for the support we receive from those that believe in our ambitions. Thank you to all of the parents, councillors, teachers and more with whom we communicated with in the last year, it’s done wonders for helping us grow. Be sure to Contact Us if you are eager to get a lesson booked in now otherwise we’ll be sure to announce our schedule for regular lessons when Spring arrives. Thanks all!

– Jason

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