Price Increase

Price Increase for Private Lessons

In the 4.5 years I’ve been running Let’s Go Skate I have always kept the price of an hours Private 1-2-1 Lesson the same. Having left my previous employer to set up on my own I was unsure if anyone would actually be willing to spend £30 for an hour of my time. Thankfully people did and as the years went by more and more customers have come and supported me by booking lessons, giving me the opportunity to improve on my skills and overall experience as an instructor. In February 2019 I even attended a course to become an accredited Skateboard Instructor under Skateboard GB which has really helped me fine tune my skills. This means that I now produce much greater results for the students that have lessons with me now than when I started Let’s Go Skate in 2016.

I am a fully qualified Skateboard Instructor
I am a fully qualified Skateboard Instructor

Towards the end of Summer 2020 I was struggling to keep up with the demand for lessons. With skateboarding having a huge surge of interest the demand for my services was at the highest it’s ever been. I was having to turn down interest as I couldn’t fit everybody in. I’d book 6 lessons in for a day to try and please everyone but my high level enthusiasm would start to fade towards the end as I would get mentally drained. I knew at this point that my price point for a lesson could justify being raised but with more lockdowns happening and winter fast approaching I decided to hold off. Those that have continued to book lessons during these hard times (and demanding weather conditions) I am ever so grateful, thank you for allowing me to keep working and being able to support my family as I quit my other stable job and committed to going full time as a Skateboard Instructor.

Socially Distanced Skateboard Lesson – January 2020

New Prices – As of 1st March 2021

Spring will soon be here though and hopefully the end of this pandemic is in sight. Therefore as of 1st March 2021 the following prices will be changing.

  • Private 1-2-1 Lesson = £40 (£10 Increase)
  • Private 2-2-1 Lesson = £50 (£5 Increase)
  • Private 3-2-1 Lesson = £60 (No Increase)

In addition to the above changes I will also be offering a discount for any customers that book a block of 3 lessons in one go. I offer this deal as a way to secure future work for myself and to encourage you to have multiple lessons for your child (or self) as there’s lots to learn which can’t be done in just 1 lesson.

  • x3 Private 1-2-1 Lessons = £99 (£24 Increase)
  • x3 Private 2-2-1 Lessons = £120 (£10 Increase)
  • x3 Private 3-2-1 Lessons = £150 (No Increase)

Have an Outstanding Lesson?

If you have already made a payment to us for outstanding lessons then rest assured I will honour that agreement and you won’t have to pay any extra to have it. Thank you for supporting me.

Other Types of Lessons

While the cost for Private Lessons is increasing there will be other options available at a cheaper price. Children can often learn at a similar pace in a Group Session where I teach multiple children at once. Not only does this save you the customer money it also gives children the chance to make new friends and vibe off each other to progress more. And while I can’t run any of these sessions right now due to lockdown restrictions I hope in the near future to be able to offer this again. I also hope to start running a “Skate Club”, this will be a weekly commitment for the same group of kids to learn together and will give them the chance to learn with me at the cheapest price point.

Purchase a Voucher Before the Price Increase

Voucher Purchase

I know that price increases aren’t great news to hear for my customers and for this reason if you know you’d like to book a lesson for the future that you Contact Me now and purchase a voucher. These can be gotten at the current price of £30 up until the start of 1st March 2021. If you’ve been on the fence about booking me then this is the opportunity to do so now and save a bit of money.

Final Thoughts

It’s been a very exciting journey becoming a Skateboard Instructor, a job role that is relatively new and unheard of. I’ve had ups and downs over the years running Let’s Go Skate but going forward I am incredibly excited for what the future holds and what I can achieve. Going fulltime is scary for me and a leap I’ve been holding off doing for a while but I’m now ready. Future goal is an indoor skate park for us to learn in all year round. How great would that be! Thanks all for the support!

– Jason

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