May Half Term 2021

For May Half Term we are planning multiple groups for children to enjoy learning how to skateboard in an enthusiastic environment. Our Beginners Introduction to Skateboarding course will introduce all the core techniques needed to get rolling along for a child who’s not stepped on a board yet whilst our Skate Clubs give a chance for those that are already whizzing around the chance to further their skills.

Our May Half Term 2021 Flyer

Our Schedule

Monday 31st May – Godmanchester (Skate Club)

Tuesday 1st June – St Neots (Beginners)

Wednesday 2nd June – Alconbury Weald (Skate Club)

Thursday 3rd June – Brampton (Skate Club)

Friday 4th June – Alconbury Weald (Beginners)


Please do get in Contact With Us now to find out anymore details and to book in!

– Jason

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