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We’re Back Instructing Again!

It’s been 3 months since we’ve been able to instruct a skateboard lesson as we had to stop due to lockdown. We are therefore pleased to announce that as of today (Tuesday 16th June 2020) we are back and able to offer lessons again!

coronavirus guidelines

In order to provide a form of instructing again we will be following the guidelines that Skateboard England have provided to coaches across the UK. This is to be used in conjunction with another set of guidelines they posted for the safe use of a skate park at the start of June. A few restrictions we feel are worth mentioning for our potential customers can be found below.

Please bare in mind that the 2 metre rule does limit the skillset that an instructor brings to a lesson. Therefore if another member from the household (such as Mum or Dad) wish to physically support their child during a lesson then that would help benefit them.

Get in touch with us now over on the Contact page to express your interest in booking a lesson!

– Jason

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