St John’s Child Progress Update

Hey everyone. I’ve just got around to updating the results of my end of term test with the children over at St John’s school. Few shout outs to those that made great progress this term.

Fudge – Great job learning to roll to Fakie on the ramp.

Joshua – For great attitude and rolling down the bank

Lucas – For returning to club and improving on his previous results (Pancake Flip and Roll to Fakie!)

Hayden – Being a great new addition to the club and learning so much so quick!

Everyone else has done a great job too but I felt the above four deserved a special shout out. Personalised paragraphs detailing the progress of each child can be found on their own page which can be found by using the menu or by searching for their name. I’ve also attached photos which I’ve been using to social media to that particular child’s page so it can easily be located at any time. Here’s a gallery below showing off what happened this term.

It’s been over a year now since I began teaching skateboarding at the school and it’s fantastic to see children keep signing up to come back. Weather is looking a lot nicer too going forward so hopefully we can be out on the playground more going forward. I hope to be able to get new pads for the children soon and am also looking in to new skateboards and a better portable ramp.

Lastly I am in the progress of organising a skateboard competition to be hosted at St John’s towards the end of May. I’ll be looking for 5 children from each school to take part. More details will be available in the future, I shall keep you all posted!

– Jason

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