Roll-In Partnership – A Way To Give Our Customers Benefits

Today we are announcing our partnership with Roll-In and how our customers will benefit from discounts on purchasing their products, As we continue to grow we look at ways we can further help assist our customers. Although our primary business model will always be to get more bookings for skateboard lessons we are aware that there are things we can do to help ensure our customers continue skateboarding long term and come back to us for future lessons. One thing we’ve been offering for years is providing a shop service to help parents overwhelmed with all the options available when it comes to buying a first skateboard for their child. By providing them a stress free sale of a great quality beginner board we know that child can get much needed practice in between lessons, ultimately keeping their interest in skateboarding ongoing.

The desire to find ways to skateboard from home has increased dramatically over the last couple of years. With lockdowns causing skate parks to close and covid causing us to stay at home people have had to become more creative at finding ways to continue enjoying their passion. Having seen more mini-ramps and quarter pipes being placed in to gardens we have been keen for a while to find a ramp building company to partner with to help support. When new markets are created so does an abundant amount of new companies wanting to take advantage of new opportunities so it was clear to us we needed to find one we could trust and recommend to our customers.

Our Roll-In ramp, collected June 2021

When Roll-In presented us the chance to have a custom designed quarter pipe which would fit in to a car we couldn’t accept the generous offer quick enough. Since we acquired the ramp 5 months ago we have helped hundreds of students use it as a tool to learn drop ins, rock to fakes and more. At a height of just 1.5 feet it is far less intimidating to learn on compared to the ramps found in a skate park and has therefore allowed us give an even higher level of quality in our teaching than we were doing previously. We’ve found during the last 5 months of testing the ramp that the product has maintained a high level of quality and been enjoyed by our students. As we now believe strongly in the product it’s time to recommend it to everyone properly.

Instructor Jason using the Roll-In ramp to show a student how to Rock to Fakie

What This Partnership With Roll-In Means

We are excited today to reveal that there are various different discounts now available to anyone looking at purchasing products over at Roll-In. The first one is that when you purchase a quarter pipe from them you will be entitled to a FREE Private 1-2-1 Lesson with us! Or if you are in the market for a mini ramp for your garden then you will still get a free lesson but will also save 5% off your purchase thanks to our unique discount code. Check out the promotional infographics below!

Free Lesson
5% Off & Free Lesson

We are very excited to be able to announce this with you all today. We hope if you’re in the market for buying a ramp for the garden you will consider purchasing from them as you will be helping to support us too. For full details on this partnership including the terms and conditions please head to the Roll-In page on our website for details.

– Jason

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