Kicking off the year with St John’s

Teaching at St John’s in 2017

We’re a few weeks in to 2017 now and already a couple of lessons have gone on at St John’s school. Another bunch of new faces join the club this time around bringing the total to 15 children! Having the whole hall to ourselves has been excellent as it’s allowed the children to carry on learning to skateboard despite the freezing temperatures we’re currently experiencing.

Group shot
Group shot of us all.

I’ve just updated the website to ensure every child in the club has their own profile page. This is ready to access now by clicking this link to go to the St John’s page. In the coming weeks any photo or video of that child will be accessible on their own page. Also their level determined at the end of term mini test. There’s an Instagram page on the menu now too which can easily allow you to see any media I upload.

I’m still in the process of creating certain pages on the site but am very excited to get it all done eventually. Thanks again to St John’s school for giving me the opportunity to carry on teaching, it means a lot!

– Jason


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