Alconbury Weald

Alconbury 360

Alconbury Weald is a new area in development with houses, schools, shops and even a skate park being built. This skate park open in 2017 is small in size yet has quite a few features to keep you entertained in a visit. A rail and ledge have take centre stage as great beginner obstacles with a bigger hubba on the other side of the park available for more experienced skateboarders to grind down. A small step up is great for learning tricks up and down with a quarter pipe next to it to allow for linking tricks. It’s a great park to flow around with the addition of a camel hump leading in to a half bowl corner that can be used to generate a lot of speed or as a mini ramp if you desire. Lastly there is some great park facilities just outside the skate park for younger children to enjoy.

  • Half pipe
  • Ledge
  • Rail
  • Half bowl corner
  • Camel hump
  • Hubba

Post Code: – PE28 4EW