Name: – Jason Emery
Age: – 30
From: – St Neots, Cambridgeshire
Years Skateboarding: – 17
Stance: – Goofy
Favourite Trick: – Switch Heelflip

The History

Jason begun skateboarding back in 2004 when it was the cool thing to do in secondary school and everybody was doing it. Before long he had quit playing for football teams and was focusing on flipping and grinding his board as often as he could. His teen years were spent down the local skate park in St Neots with cameras documenting new tricks he’d learnt for the ever growing social media platform YouTube.

Filmed during 2010 and 2011 this video features some of the best skateboarding Jason’s done.

Becoming an Instructor

One evening in 2014 a Ted talk over on YouTube gave Jason the motivation to see if it was possible to do something he’d really enjoy doing which was teaching others how to skateboard. He gained his experience with instructing thanks to years spent with Skates & Ladders teaching adults and children aplenty around Cambridge and in London. Having spent the majority of 2016 running skateboard clubs through out schools in Huntingdon he decided in October 2016 to create Let’s Go Skate. The aim being to continue to help teach anyone interested and willing to learn how to skateboard. His knowledge has helped him to create his own scheduled plan detailing all the important techniques and maneuvers  needed to ride along on a board.

Jason with an after school club riding penny boards at Hartford Junior school

Recent Years

As time went by Jason started to receive Youth Work opportunities thanks to his interactions with young people in skateboard lessons and can regularly be seen at the clubs run by the charity Fusion in Huntingdon area. After seeing how little disadvantage young people can have he saw how many of interested youngsters were missing out on the chance of riding a skateboard due to not having the money to join a school club or afford private lesson fees. This has led him to focus more on funding opportunities that become available to help encourage all to have a go on a skateboard. With skateboarding set to feature at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics for the first time there’s hope he’ll be able to offer his lessons on a greater scale to more interested youngsters in the near future!