Stilton 360

April 2009 saw the opening of Stilton’s skate park. For onlookers there appears to be a lot to offer and something riders would enjoy using. This is partially true as I can imagine those on a BMX or a scooter would enjoy riding around. Unfortunately the reality is the park has suffered over the years and isn’t up to scratch. Problems are becoming apparent with the bottoms of the ramps cracking when connecting to the floor and the metal ramps flexing when being rode over. This is a concern for a skateboarder and therefore wouldn’t be fun to any experienced riders. That being said the rails on the side of the park grind well and the curved ledge is still looking good. May be worth a visit to check the park out if your nearby but don’t expect to love it there.

  • 2 flat rails
  • Ledge with 2 heights to it
  • Curved ledge
  • Driveway with downward rail both side
  • Mini ramp
  • Roll in
  • Flatbank
  • Spine ramp
  • Multiple Quarter Pipes
  • Pyramid

Post Code: – PE7 3RA