St Ives

St Ives Update 360

In December 2019 St Ives skate park had yet another revamp, knocking down half of the original park and replacing it with concrete ones. The original which was built in 2007 by GBH was in need of replacement due to wear and tear so Huntingdonshire council have agreed a 2 stage process for replacing the skate park. Stage 1 has been completed and can be seen in the pictures with stage 2 hopefully to be done in 2020 when funds are raised. Despite not being fully complete it’s still worth checking St Ives out as there’s enough variety of obstacles there to occupy you on a visit whether you enjoy airing a jumpbox or grinding a rail.

  • Long rounded flat bar
  • Bank to Quarter Pipe
  • 6-7 Foot Quarter Pipes either end
  • Small Hubba
  • Small Down Rail
  • Small Driveway
  • Small Flatbank
  • Jump Box
  • 6 Foot Halfpipe

Post Code: – PE27 6SP