In August 2022 Sandy got a well needed new skate park to replace the old metal one that would have been built in the mid 2000s. Maverick was the developer chosen to undertake this project and overall they have done a decent job at providing a street style skate park for people to enjoy. There’s plenty of ledges to grind, a bump to rail and even a small manual pad in the centre. Oh and don’t forget the small stair set, perfect for practicing tricks down. For those that prefer to skate ramp there are a few quarter pipes around varying in size including a mini ramp to the side. Overall we’d recommend checking Sandy out!

  • Bump to Rail
  • Down Rail
  • Stair Set
  • Mini Ramp
  • Various different sized QPs
  • Hubbas
  • Ledges

Post Code: – SG19 1TH