In December 2019 the Fenland District Council opened the new skate park in March, a great facility built by Bendcrete at a low cost of just £120,000. It’s a well needed improvement over the old metal park which was on the site for 15 years prior. March’s skate park features plenty of variety in features to keep all types of wheeled sport users occupied. There’s a jumpbox for doing airs, a rail with ledges for the street riders as well as a stair set and plenty of ramps at various different sizes to help flow around the park.

What’s really great about this skate park is the beginners section just to the side of the main park. Here you can learn all the basics without the fear of being intimidated by more experienced riders. At just a 30 minute drive away from where we are based in Huntingdon this is a skate park worth checking out!

  • Jumpbox
  • Plenty of Quarter Pipes
  • Across and down rail
  • Couple of grind ledges
  • A frame bumps
  • Stair set
  • Beginner section with numerous obstacles

Post Code: – PE15 9LT