Desborough 360

In 2017 Desborough was able to get a new concrete park built for an estimated cost of £125,000 after having their original facility shut down years prior in 2013 due to safety concerns. It features an amazing pump track to ride around which happens to be one of the best we’ve ever seen. The skate park has been built right next to it and although it doesn’t feature anything amazing that stands out it does manage to get core features in such as a rail, ledge and quarter pipes for people to ride on. There’s also some remains of what used to be at the park before it got re-built. This is the wooden mini ramp and wooden ledge and flatbar on pavement by the side.

  • Pump track
  • Across and down rail
  • Hubba
  • Manual pad to drop off
  • Mini ramp
  • Flat ledge
  • Flat bar
  • Multiple Quarter Pipes
  • Kicker to Kicker gap

Post Code: – NN14 2JJ