Cambourne originally had a metal based skate park created in the 2000’s by GBH but got redone towards the end of 2021 by Fearless Ramps. Although it was freshly created with new frames the design shares a resemblance to what was there before with a similar set up. The majority of the ramps are larger than the average size you’d expect to see in new park designs which means it may be intimidating for newcomers to skateboarding. That being said there is a lovely beginners section off to the side of the main park which is ideal for someone just starting out on a skateboard. We’d have liked to see a concrete park and some more street like obstacles to add variety however for what it’s worth the quality of the build is decent and will be enjoyed by residents for years to come.

  • Flatbanks
  • Quarter Pipes
  • Spine
  • Jumpbox
  • Mini Step Up
  • Hubba
  • Roll In
  • Beginners Section

Post Code: – CB23 6FY