Alconbury Weald FREE Skateboard Lessons

I’m excited to announce that Let’s Go Skate will be providing FREE skateboard lessons at the newly developed skate park in Alconbury Weald this July. We will be running a beginner session followed by an intermediate one for three consecutive weeks starting on the 1st of July. For those taking their first pushes on a board the beginner session will be for them as we focus on the basics needed to get moving along on a skateboard. Those children who have already got a bit of experience can get the chance to test themselves out on the ramps and further enhance their skills.

Let’s Go Skate provide a skateboard, helmet and pads to borrow all free of charge. Check out the Alconbury Weald skate park page to see what the park is like. Post code to get there is PE28 4EW

All you need to do is fill in the registration details alongside a consent form to get your child on the list below. To ensure as much children as possible get the chance to take part you can only register for 1 lesson at a time. If there are remaining spaces in future lessons then your child can sign up again.

Week 1 –  Saturday July 1st 2017

Beginner  (10:00 to 11:00)                       Intermediate (11:30 to 12:30)

1. Esha                                                         1. Daniel
2. Julia                                                        2. Alfie
3. Joshua                                  3. Lucas
4. Rosina                                 4. James
5. Riley                               5. Space Available
6. Nash                                   6. Space Available
7. Ayesha                                    7. Space Available
8. George                                    8. Space Available
9. Hayden                                  9. Space Available
10.Space Available                                    10.Space Available

Week 2 –  Saturday July 8th 2017

Beginner  (10:00 to 11:00)                       Intermediate (11:30 to 12:30)

1. Max                                     1. Harry
2. Ayesha                                     2. Space Available
3. Nash                                     3. Space Available
4. Max                                    4. Space Available
5. Charlie                                    5. Space Available
6. Harry                                    6. Space Available
7. Space Available                                     7. Space Available
8. Space Available                                     8. Space Available
9. Space Available                                     9. Space Available
10.Space Available                                    10.Space Available

Week 3 –  Saturday July 15th 2017

Beginner Session 1 (10:00 to 11:00)                       Beginner Session 2 (11:30 to 12:30)

1. Freddie                                   1. Moria
2. Cameron                                   2. Jayman
3. Joshua                                    3. Jacob
4. Joshua T                                  4. Bobbie
5. Ayden                                     5. Noah
6. Alfie                                     6. Sophie
7. Euan                                    7. Max
8. Rocco                                   8. Hayden
9. Ruben                                  9. Will
10. Lia                                      10. Grace
.                                                  11. Ollie

Consent Form

If possible download the below consent form and bring with you on the day of the lesson. If not there will be forms on hand to fill out before the session starts.


Registration Form

Once the below form is completed your child will be guaranteed a place in the lesson. If unsure on whether your child is beginner or intermediate level their age will be the deciding factor.


– Jason





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